Molly Rose Brewing 2018 and Onwards

For those who have been following along the way you may have felt that Molly Rose was building towards something or maybe not. Perhaps some people may have thought it was just a passion project for me to travel, eat and drink. I have always been moving forwards and ticking things off and learning as much as I can wherever I can.  

This time last year I had just announced that I was going to sell my first beer which I was and still am so proud. I sold my 150 subscriptions to The Foundations Series and 150 people took a punt on a guy who had never before sold his own beer and put a whole bunch of their hard earned towards getting my business of the ground. One year on I am so proud of what those people have allowed me to achieve; I have a beautiful warehouse in a great location, I have an amazing plan on how to make the space into the best Molly Rose Beer experience ever and I have my very own stainless steel under construction! I couldn’t have come this far without the trust, support and patience of the members of The Foundation Series. I will always be grateful. Thanks!

Thanks Foundation Series.png

So you might ask “Nic, what is next?” and I’ll tell you. A Collingwood Cellar and Bar will be open, brewing and serving Molly Rose beers early next year. What this means is that between now and then I will be extremely busy learning how to build a brewery and bar and everything that comes with it! I will also be looking for an amazing team of staff to help me build and grow Molly Rose on the hospitality side of things.


But what about the beer Nic? Well I am excited to say that I have a few projects on the cards at the moment, destined for both bottles and kegs but you will have to watch my social media for updates on those ones. Today I am announcing the beer club for 2019; Cornerstone. Molly Rose Cornerstone will carry on from The Foundation series by supporting and funding not only the innovation and investigative side of Molly Rose but also by making sure that I can deliver my best and favourite beers directly into the hands of the biggest most supportive Molly Rose fans. More details are to come very soon. Like I said earlier. Watch this space!