The Most Surprising Beer!

In the North of Germany they say their beer is like the people. Blunt and ruthless, coarse and unrefined yet it is brilliantly delicious with a depth of character and individuality not found elsewhere in Germany.

North German Pilsners are one the surprising beers I drank on my trip. Pale straw in colour, smooth, clean and dry across the palate. So dry. So dry it disappears before you realise it but not before you are smacked in the face with bitterness and noble hop flavour. A flavour that is so full, spicy and earthy that it fills your mouth with a palate roundness which makes up for any malt character you might have been missing.

These pilsners take you on a journey.

-> Sip!

-> Some malt.

-> Hop flavour all over and around your face.

-> Slap of bitterness!

-> Dry, dry clean finish.

-> Aaaaand it’s gone! 

 -> Wait! Where did it go? Where is it? What just happened? Oh goodness; I am confused. 

-> Dammit I’ll just have to have another sip. Here we go again!

-> Sip!