Day and Night in NY: Part 1

The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, The Melting Pot – New York is known by many names. Some of the titles make more sense than others but it doesn’t matter what you want to call it or what you want to do there; you will find what you are looking for.  Here is the tale of a day and two nights I spent in New York City.


I wasn’t sure what I was after, what to expect or even whether I would like the city. Sooo where would I start? I watched the first season of the HBO show Girls and they seem pretty cool and hip, they seemed like they knew what was going on and had some fun times. They lived in Brooklyn so that’s where I decided to stay.  

A day usually begins with breakfast and people eat bagels when they are in NY right? And there seemed to be a lot of Jewish people in Williamsburg. So I ordered a poppy seed bagel with lox (cured salmon) and cream cheese. I ate the bagel and drank a black coffee under an umbrella. Tick, tick, tick. It was magnificent. NY breakfast you go okay.

While trend-setting Brooklyn is where artists come to create, Manhattan is where the Big Apple action really takes place. The Brooklyn Bridge is famous and very pretty, so with the sun beginning to appear I thought that maybe I might cross the water and take a stroll through Lower Manhattan and into the West Village. I thought, now what do they eat for lunch in NY? Bagels? Yeah, probably because they are delicious anytime food but no, you are here for culture. Pizza! Definitely pizza. Get yourself a slice or a pie or… Damn… Ordering pizza is hard. Lucky I found a shop called Artichoke Pizza and I didn’t need to choose what I was going to eat. A creamy cheesy topping with pickled artichoke on a crunchy yet fluffy base. I may have also over indulged in a second slice of their margarita – a classic topping on a crispy thin base in what I hear is the more traditional NY style. So delicious but definitely an over indulgence. Sin City had struck its first blows and I was not unhappy. It’s not all pizza and bagels though. The Melting Pot boasts any cuisine imaginable as well as hybrid foods that are unimaginable. Try Greek gyro flavoured Korean dumplings or Jewish matzah ball ramen and tell me you knew they even existed.


Lunch takes you into the afternoon and that definitely means it is the right time to seek out some local beers. The ways to enjoy beer in NY are as varied as the food options. Classic Manhattan craft beer venues have the humble, unpretentious tone of local pubs anywhere in the world plus the hustle-bustle of the West Village and 35+ taps of the best American beers. Crossing back over the bridge to Brooklyn you can visit warehouse brewery tap rooms, a Scandinavian-styled, Michelin-Starred beer bar, or a craft beer bar with 50 cheap arcade games and a DJ playing vinyl. There is literally a bar for all occasions. The common themes of the ones I went to were great service, a passion for the product and really fresh, fantastic beer.

And if New Yorkers are crazy for their food and drink they are equally as crazy for arts, culture, entertainment and general good times. You don’t get the name The City That Never Sleeps if your entire population is in bed with a cuppa by 10pm.

As the day ends (and my evening is split across two alternate realities) I am sure that there is no better place to be in New York than on a roof-top bar in Brooklyn watching the sun set behind The Empire State Building.