Day and Night in NY: Part 3

Night 2

As the sun set behind Manhattan I chased the last beam of light into the bustle of Greenwich Village. Travelling with an open mind and an open schedule has always allowed me to make the most of opportunities that present themselves. Having said that, there were several things I’d looked forward to from the moment I decided to embark on this trip. Tonight I was going to tick one off. I was on my way to Blue Hill.

Blue Hill is the original restaurant of Dan Barber, avant-garde chef, restaurateur and food influence. Having nodded and salivated my way through his book The Third Plate I was so very excited to taste the realities of his theories. Barber believes that eating farm to table is not enough to guarantee food security in an environmentally sustainable way. He believes we need modify the way we think about what we eat so that farming practices and great food intersect in a way that benefits all parties and the earth. Sentiments that before long I also shared. The cuisine that is served in the New York restaurant is rooted in local and seasonal food production.


Although the meal that I was fortunate enough to enjoy in this evening was luxurious and opulent beyond measure it was largely vegetable based and built around the natural beauty of the carefully grown and sourced seasonal ingredients rather than fancy technique or imported luxury items. I think that these sentiments can and should be applied across many industries especially in South Australia where we are lucky enough to have fertile land and an excellent climate to grow amazing produce all year round.

After five courses of sensory revelations I stumbled out of the restaurant with bliss, satisfaction and inspiration expressed by the glimmer of thoughts in my eye and the chuckle of pure happiness rolling though the rest of my body.

(No night time pics of Williamsburg.)

(No night time pics of Williamsburg.)

The direction then was back across the water. Across the Williamsburg bridge past that bar with the skate ramp in the middle of it and straight into the Music Hall of Williamsburg. It was very kind of the Black Lips to play on the night I had free. It was also really excellent that the venue had delicious, fresh craft beer on tap for a reasonable price. Three support bands and several IPAs later, the Black Lips came on stage and blew everyone away finishing up a cracking New York night.