The Foundation Series launched Molly Rose brewing and The Cornerstone will keep us moving forward. I loved the intimacy of sharing the ride so far with members of The Foundation Series and I have loved sending them some of the best beers I have ever made. I cannot thank them enough for trusting in me and supporting me. I look forward to sharing 12 beers and a lot more stories with the members of Cornerstone in 2019.

Cornerstone will be vital to Molly Rose’s success. The knowledge tha special release beers are pre-sold allows us to concentrate less on distribution and sales and more on making the best damn beer we can. It is also really pleasing that limited release beers will end up in the hands of the best Molly Rose supporters around the country.

Building from The Foundation Series which launched Molly Rose Brewing, Cornerstone will be a way that our best supporters and beer lovers can continue to be a part of the Molly Rose story as we grow, innovate and investigate.


What do you get?

  • 12x 750ml beers delivered in 3 packages including 6 x cornerstone exclusive beers and 6 x Molly Rose limited edition beers which could be experimental beers, variations on classic styles or collaborations.

  • Two delightful branded Cornerstone beer glasses exclusive to members

  • First access to any online limited release sales.

  • Free guided tasting for you and a plus 1 at the Molly Rose Cellar.

  • $30 voucher to spend in the Molly Rose online merch shop launching soon.

  • Pre-sale to all Molly Rose ticketed events.

  • First right of refusal to be part of The Cornerstone in 2020.

But how much?

  • $300 + 3 x $10 flat rate shipping fees.

How do I get them?

  • Due to demand we have reopened Cornerstone for a very limited number of members and for a limited time! Join in now to get the first delivery of beers fresh out of the brewery!