The Foundation Series

The Foundation Series is a set of 6 beers that together tell a story about the origins of Molly Rose Brewing. These beers will use flavours and techniques that Nic has learned from travelling Australia and the world with eyes, ears and mouth open. These batches will be small, so we figured that the best way to get these beers in your hands is to deliver them straight to you. Get one of the few subscriptions to the series here.



Japanese Dark Lager


This dark lager is my homage to the combination of balance, elegance and simplicity of Japanese food and drink. Cherrywood smoked malt and kombu (seaweed) provide a savoury backbone harmonising with the sweet malt and citrus zing from sansho pepper. Don't expect big bold punch you in the face flavours from this beer, relax into it and bask in the simplicity of my take on Japanese flavours. 

Enjoy with soba noodles or grilled wagyu beef!


An IPA for Today

American IPA


This beer was inspired by drinking brewery fresh hop explosions in the East, West, North and South of the USA. Pale in colour but not in flavour. This IPA is my take on American IPAs, not as dry as a San Diego IPA, more bitter and less hazy than any NEIPA. Throw this guy straight in the fridge and enjoy him ASAP to catch whacks of citrus, pine, tropical fruits and a hint of rosewater.If not today, then definitely tomorrow.

Enjoy with chilli covered chips, nuts or edamame beans!


Sour Tom

Sour Strawberry Ale


In homage to a friend, Tom, who had a terrible week but kept kicking on. This beer rose from the ashes of Tom’s misfortunes and shows that with a strong will things turn out well. Especially when there is lean, clean, and bright beer brimming with strawberries involved.

This beer is barrel fermented with lactobacillus and a house saison yeast to make a tart fruity base beer into which we put 100g of strawberries per litre (or in less technical terms enough strawberries till the beer went a bit pink.)

La Forge.jpg

La Forge

Mixed Ferment Saison


Rustic, earthy and a labour of love, this beer is named for the pub in the home town of the most famous saison. This beer was barrel fermented with blend of yeast and brett especially for celebrations; sprightly carbonation driving dense creamy foam and lifting aromatics of citrus zest, spice and leather.

Enjoy with great friends on special occasions or just because they are great friends.


Beer from a Barrel

Barley Wine


This beer was aged in a new French oak barrel whose only previous inhabitant was Pacha Mama Pinot Noir full of red fruits and spice. Rich English malts lend caramel and dark fruit characters while European, Aussie and U.S. hops provide a spicy, citrus balance.

Drink this beer from a big glass and enjoy the way it changes as it warms.

hand plunged 2.jpg

Ex Vinum

Wild dark ale


Translating to “From Wine” this beer was born out of a home brew trial during vintage 17 where I threw a whole lot of grapes into some beer. Wild yeast native to this Heathcote Shiraz helped this beer into existence. Dark, funky, fruity and continually changing, this successful experiment is exactly what I love about making beer.

Enjoy this beer from a big glass with a dark chocolate tart or a cheese board.